I Am... A Poem on This Page

Tue, 11/03/2015 - 15:43 -- aj2148

I am a poem on this page,

and what I tell you is all you'll ever know. 

I am laughter in cheetah print Crocs, 

marching bravely beyond the expectations of my creation.

I am all song in my soul,

calloused fingers forgiving a lack of natural talent.

I am bare faced in the halls,

makeup not daring to define my features.

I am wild against society's standards,

not consenting or conforming to outrageous beauty standards.

I am hardworking in all fields of life, 

because mundane mediocrity will never be enough.

I am lost in my mind,

attention spinning so rapidly it's hard to catch and impossible to keep.

I am beautiful in every definition of the word,

and I intend to let others know of their beauty as well.

I am a poem on this page, 

and what I tell you is all you'll ever know. 

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