I am a Survivor

¨You are Ordinary¨ they say

¨You are Weak¨

¨There is nothing left in this world for you¨

My head is spinning, all these hateful words telling me that I can’t

Yes, I have battle scars

But I have won the battle

The battle against myself


And I am…

I am beautiful, I am strong

Your words have done nothing but increase my strength

I have a solid foundation upon which I stand

Why should I work to please you, when I am not pleased with myself?


I am a survivor

I have struggled

I stumbled blindly in the darkness

there was no difference as to whether I was dead or alive

But there was a flicker of candlelight in the distance

and that flame was cultivated into a great fire of passion

And I came out alive


I have seen things, terrible things

And I am…

I am confident

I am myself

And I can finally feel happy being me

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