They tell me I'm not good enough. 
That I am not worthy of success. 
They say I will never be able to do it, 
and put my dreams to rest.

They tell me that I won't make it, 
so I should just give up now. 
They compare me to others,
more than I should allow.

They call me names.
Incompetent, failure, and loser are just a few. 
They say that I have little to gain,
and a lot to lose.

Their attacks continually build, 
succeeding to weigh me down. 
I encounter blow after blow,
eventually forced to the ground.

I wait. 
I ponder. 
I realize. 
I grow.

Like a flower blossoming from the ground, 
I grow. 
Rising slowly at first,
but then with haste to show.

To show them that I am more than what they say.
And that I'm worthy of success. 
And I can do anything I put my mind to,
because I also deserve the best.

That I am a dreamer.
And my goals are attainable. 
And able to prove them wrong,
because I am fully capable.

I will never be forced down again,
because I am strong enough to stand.
So the next time they try to abuse me,
I will just say "and?". 


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