Trust Me Won't You?

Life has purpose

We may not know it 

But as Humans we try to figure it out

I mean How hard can it be? Right

Well let me tell you something

You know those friends that you cherish

Those that you confind in

Because of the trust you have in each other?

Not all of us have the opportunity to have someone


When you have those strict parents

When you have that Dad  that only cares about grades

When you have that Mom only caring that you do chores

When you have parents that let you wear what you want as long as its not short

When you lose those friends that you thought would always be there


Thats when you realize just how alone you are on Earth

It might be hard if you have people to care about 

It might be hard if you have people that care 


But we will make it through

Wether you try to impress our parents

Wether you try to impress our friends

Wether you try to impress strangers


The only difference there will be is when

You try to impress yourself

See the beauty not the flaws

Think positively not all the bad things that can happy

And if you truly beleive 

(you'll know when you do)

Your dreams will come true 


Because if its bad now 

You have to let the storm pass

To see that Rainbow we have been waiting for 

Just wait and it will be worth is 

Trust Me

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