I cried into her shoulder as the day was long and hard.

She held me and told me it would be fine.

She made me laugh when I didn't want to smile.

She made me think through my thoughts. 

She taught me to hold my ground and to explain what I needed. 

She helped me with my Spanish words, though she didn't know a single one.   

What did I do for her?

I cracked a joke after her long day.

But made many of her days longer.

I listened to her worries.

But caused many of them too.

I hugged her when she cried.

But was at fault for many of the tears she silently held.

She shaped me into me.

I shaped her worries.

How can you thank some one who means so much?

How can you repay what they sacrificed?

This answer is you cannot. 

My mother is the person I can't live without.



This poem is about: 
My family


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