Extrinsic Kim

I am Kimberly.

I am Adventurous and I love to explore and go to new places

I am from the beautiful and rare country of Nicaragua,

full of lakes and volcanoes, rich in culture and nature

I am blessed to have my family who surround me with love and postive vibes

I am happy and grateful for all the things I have, even if sometimes I don't value what I have in front of me

I am appreciative of my education, even if it's a lot of difficult obstacles to get by and a lot of work to be done

I am someone who falls in love with a book the minute I find it fascinating

I am bold and loves to take risks, despite whether the outcome will come out good or bad,

it's the experience thatmakes it all worth it.

I am independent and I don't need a partner to make me feel good about myself'; physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually.

I am determined to reach my goals, despite whatever comes in my path

because in the end, you will have that feeling of satisfaction and tranquility.

I am committed to be a better person then who I am today.

Last but not least: I am just another human being in the world, full of uniqueness and value,

just waiting to create and build ideas for a better future in this planet 

I am Kimberly Carcache.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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