I am from dog toys and muddy ditches

I am from stuffed animals,

Dog toys scattered across the floor,

And computers.

I am from gymnastics equipment,

Used to practice before meets for hours.


I am from muddy ditches,

Retaining wall bricks, and

Trek planks that we spent summers

Putting together to form a deck.

I am from trampolines,

Pools, and

Pets of every size and species


I am from 15 huge boxes of Christmas decorations,

German salads on Christmas Eve, and

Waking up early on Christmas to open presents.

I am from church on Easter Sunday,

Egg hunts, and

Yearly trips to Morro Bay.


I am from, “but those who hope on the Lord

Will renew their strength.”

From prayers before dinner, but

Not any other meal because apparently

We aren’t thankful for breakfast or lunch.


I am from Snuggle Puppy,

A Charlie Brown Christmas,

And trips to Disneyland

Every chance we get.

I am from the place I call home,

A place that taught me to be determined,

I am from all of these

And I am me.

This poem is about: 
My family


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