I Am....

I Am, Enigmatic, a puzzle to even myself at times   A treasure trove of knowledge so complex and yet so sublime   Soulful with my words and through my actions I exude diversity   A genuine yet troubled unknown entity I Am,   In battle with my greatest enemy who I travel with wherever I go   Afraid to look in the mirror because I'm forced to dodge the grenades my enemy will throw   Silent in my solidarity and forced to encounter my innermost thoughts   On the outside I am grounded and unique but on the inside I am lost I Am,    Distinguished, playful, and deliberate with my encounters with other like minded souls   A great conversationalist when it comes to the topic of my goals   Optimistic for others feeling that one day a great mind will arise to help change the world   A positive influence to children of ignorant backgrounds who want to know the truth about the world I Am,   Harassed by self doubt and the pessimistic mentality that surrounds me   Struggling to live in a world that shuns those who crave individuality   Opening my eyes even more everyday to become more and more in shock But I suppose the best description of myself is a walking paradox 

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