I Am Trying

Fri, 01/08/2016 - 13:52 -- Nunez13


Little Kylie Jenner isn’t so little

Her innocence has disappeared

Looking to redeem her self

Not realizing that her beauty is there


She’s egger to bloom

But not ready to wait

She knows the power she could hold so


She tucks, fills and fixes anything that isn’t “beautiful”

Her lips are divine but far from her own

Looking in the mirror and seeing nothing wrong

Not realizing that she’s no longer there


That she sold her youth

For a more mature beauty 


As I close the magazine I realize we have a lot in common

We both are striving to wear a pair of shoes that might be a little too big

Tripping along the way


Always being told, “ your time will come”

But it never arriving

Willing to do anything to be consider adequate


She sold her youth

And I would too


In order to become the person I always dreamt I would one day be 

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