I am from the Divided States of America

I am part of the “make-it” generation.

A group of beings whose profession is in procrastination.

We roam the streets staring into our black mirrors

Waiting for the latest Vine and Tweet, craving for

Something bigger. 40 years ago our parents played with

Tires and roads, but now we play through computer codes.

We are part of the Divided States of America.

A land ruled by God and his objects of affection.

People who are afraid of divine rejection.

America, the land of the Brave. New World

Who saw opportunity in blood and honor in corruption,

We have Freedom from Want, but want to be free.

A nation of stubborn elephants and donkeys.

Us Americans exist in an absurd universe searching

For answers, but acquire none. A quest for comfort

On an indifferent rock. A home for no one to own.

This poem is about: 
My country


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