Reality Through Time

Life passes by, as if Im viewing a scene from a movie

I see other pass by and I feel their pain

Their grief and misery

And I think to myself, "What is this agonizing pain?"

This pain that grows inside me from the outside

I try and help them, but instead I get thrown into a well

A well of bad feelings and emotions

I swim in hopes of seeing sunlight

But the pools of tears drown me

Out of existenting


I wake up again, on a sunny beach

And all seems well, but the cloud form

And my past rains down on me in attempt to kill

I run in fear of it catching up to me

But memories come back

Why did I leave them?

Their voices taunting at me

I tried to save all that I could

But the guilt trips me

And my grief drowns me once again

It washes over me to the point of no return. 



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