Introvert Screams

Pull back the curtains

Shine the flashlight

Dare to step outward

And into the light

Peer through the hiding

Walk past the trees

Squint your eyes just a little

And then, you might see me

I am probably hiding

Not hiding from the world

But hiding out in my own

Where I can let my thoughts unfurl

It’s a place not far out of reach

But it’s not seen by the naked eye

This place- my solitary home

Is deep within my mind

My quiet self on the outside

Isn’t so much shy and unfriendly

But, you will have to do a little extra

If you want to get to know the real me

I do not just open up to anyone

My personality does not let that be

I won’t jump into conversation

I don’t think verbally on my feet

I will not go out of my way

Causing potential trouble, not at all

In order to get a thought out

Don’t you dare seem so appalled

This is just how I am

This is just the real me

Mind locked away from view

Simply and securely, let it be

I cannot open up to just anyone

I will not, even if I could try

If you want to get to know me

You have to try and find a way inside

I do not trust just anyone

I do not let just anyone in

This secret that I don’t try to keep hidden

Is my personality, is that such a sin?

I am rare in this world

Not many others like me

Have such a seemingly closed off mind

Full of ideas and creativity

But if you decide to not try

If you do not let me be

You will never be able to know

My side of intelligence and creativity

No, do not ask why I am quiet

Do not try too hard to get my word in

This expels my energy

Then I will have to be alone for a bit again

It’s not that I don’t want to hang out

It’s not that I don’t want to socialize

I just cannot do it very well

Nor for very long periods of time

If you are one to whom I am close

If you are one of the fortunate few

Consider yourself lucky that we can hang

For hours on end as my thoughts will begin to spew

It is not fun for me

To be one in a crowd

I would much rather listen

Then allow my thoughts to outwardly abound

Do not take it personally

Do not think of me as negatively weird

But please, do not avoid me

I am human, I can still cry tears

Sometimes, I would much rather stay

Inside instead of hang out actively all day

I like to be to myself sometimes

And, I hope that, with you, that is okay


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