Brothers, Part 1

Four brothers lost from each other.

Two never born and one was taken.

The last of the brothers

was everything but shaken.


He didn't know anything,

but later he would get visions.

If only the doctors would've

known to do incisions.


He might be the oldest and strongest,

but his life wasn't the best.

He tried to say what was right,

but never got everything off his chest.


He was never cold or alone,

because two of his brothers were with him.

They were always talking,

even when people stared at them.


He could see them, but what did that mean?

No one seemed to look twice

at the boy who talked to himself.

Maybe they were just being nice.


He got bullied for his "imaginary friends",

so after awhile he went quiet.

If you ever caught him talking to himself,

He'd say anything to deny it.


When he was about thirteen and a half,

he moved to a small country town.

He tried to be in the back ground,

so he wouldn't have to look like a clown.


It didn't work out like that,

like it really ever does.

He did meet someone that triggered something.

The memory came back from what was.


It was a picture his dad had snatched from him.

He only got a quick glance at it,

so he soon forgot about the pic.

Now he wanted to forget that little bit.


He remembers seeing his dad,

but with a baby in each arm.

He looks at the face of the boy,

and saw some of his dads charm.


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