There's an Elephant in the room

There's an Elephant in the room

It's hard to move around, it's hard to leave alone.

I try to move past it, but I cant

It will always be there, taunting me, telling me, I'm not good enough. 


There's an Elephant in the room

It's always there,

It's like a broken record that just keeps repating itself.

You can't ever get to the next song.


It's annoying to hear

But somehow, you still want it.

You push tthe pause button and everything goes numb.

You have one quiet moment to yourself, even if you can't feel anything.


You push play and things are better this time.

Nothing can touch you.

Nothing can hurt you.

Except the Elephant!


He's convinced you that He's better than you,

That you aren't smart enough

That you'll never be enough,

And you believe Him.


The truth:

The elephant in the room,

Is you.






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