Worthiness is I

I am worthy of something better.
I'll put this in bold letters.
I am worthy of a motherly love,
though that's something you cannot provide.

It doesn't matter the day,
you'd always turn it grey.
With a lie, hit, or scream,
every time you'd find a way.

You're a knife in my heart,
ripping me apart.
You don't care about me.
Remember when you said you'd love me unconditionally?

Please stay out for good?
I want a forever goodbye,
not your phony cry.

Brainwashing is your skill.
Till the day you die, you know you will.
I am worthy of compassion
Not your nasty lash in.
I am worthy.

I want to look in the mirror & be proud,
but your voice is screaming loud.
I have your eyes,
I wish mine were lighter.
Every time I stare too long,
its like I'm staring at the liar.

I am worthy of self love
I am me, and you are you.
I have your eyes, not your lies.
I am worthy of being confident,
and that shall not be ruined
just because you had an "accident."

Don't apologize.
You can't recall your own lies?
You're NOT sorry,
that's the reason;
Your stories change like the seasons.

Are you the same person?
Your manipulation worsens.
I'm done being hurt by you
You won't ever change,
You never do.

I am worthy of love,
but all I get is hate.
I am worthy of a hug,
But you are always far too late.

My time is now to say goodbye.
Not another single lie.
I'll miss who you trained me to think you use to be,
but not what everyone else sees.

I am worthy, absolutely.
I say this profusely.
I am.

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