I am

I am the large, unwary fellow walking

I am the awkward one you avoid talking to

The silent scarecrow in the storm

The subtle breeze when it's warm

That one person who you think you know

That "weirdo" who runs and thinks too slow

You've never bothered to ask for my story

Like how I once played with morning glories

How I enjoy all sorts of musical tastes

How I find myself a pitiful waste

How I enjoy subtle things life grants

Staring for a while at vibrant plants

Singing without talent or thought

Using the items that we're taught

I enjoy those who hang out with me and call me friend

It gives me gratitude and a new angle in my lens

This is me 

The big tree

The nerdy kid

The one who did

The wrong acts in life

The misusage of strife

We're all humans, live

Only one life to live, give

Live to understand sorrow

Live for the tomorrow 

The future exists ever growing 

The unknown exists unknowing

Just like you, I too am alive

To live each day, to make each strive

Thank you for giving me your time

Live life to it's max, because just like many drinks, it;s beyond sublime




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