I Am... Scholarship Slam

This poem is about: 



My life is like a softball game,

it really is much the same.


You gain some team mates

and you lose some

in hopes that to fill the spot,

somebody will eventually come.


Like the day he decided to go,

I was young and didn't know,

that for my Mom the hardships were to come.


With many dreams and great potential,

I know this is something I cannot repeat,

but only be successful.

Like a play gone wrong,

I must be strong. 


New scenarios and plays provide opportunity

where over coming fear and hitting the ball

becomes a necessity.


Like tryouts

Ive been denied from entering many doors

I ask myself, "What must this happen for?"

The game itself is waiting for an error to happen

What you do next is what makes an impact.


As the next play soars in with the next pitch,

there is no time to dwell on the past.

Im fielding the ball as if it is my future,

and it's coming at me fast.


My life is like a softball game,

very much the same.

I am Mariah.

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