A Glance In The Mirror

Wed, 10/07/2015 - 20:28 -- ss14959

A fading light on center stage, the gold fades to black.

Who I am will never be the famous or well-racked.

I've played the game life's given me, I've struggled every hour,

But who I am is not the man who waits beneath a tower.


I longed to be the hero once, to write an epic tale,

But with a glance inside the mirror, all hope seemed to fail.

A quick glance in the mirror shows me who I'm not to be.

The wealthy and the haughty crowd are simply not for me.


Watching clocks, counting faces, and the patter of soft rain,

I measure life in instances, my story isn't tame.

I take a glance through lustrous glass, to see just who I'll be.

I see a man who's confident, and provident, and free.


Life gave me lemons, so I added sugar and a straw.

I took a glance inside the mirror and liked what I saw.

Standing there in front of me was a person all brand new.

I’ll never be a movie-star, there's more that I can do.


I can inspire, I can climb higher, be the best I can be.

I can teach, I can lift, to help others to climb their trees.

I can show the whole wide world to never judge their own path

On the small glances they'll take when their mirror's glancing back.

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