I am.

I am broken, yet I am restored. 

I am wise, though very foolish. 

I have seen the sunset to late in the day, when those around me could stand to stay. 

I am from an awkward conversation, full of unsaid words and a coffee cup with a red lipstick burn. 

I am a empty heart who beats for the one. The one who I have no control of. 

I am a big sister who fakes a smile for her. She is the one I keep going for. 

I am a leader who is followed naturally, without any thought they look to me. 

I am lost in the crowd of free spirits, each trying to find their own place to inhibit. 

I am full of ambition with under eye bags to heavy to carry. 

I am never satisfied, always wanting to grow and shed the skin I have came to know. 

Pushing myself to knew extremes, just to give my mind some ease. 

I am persistent, in the worst way. I will work hard to reach any goal and the only one who can stop me, from doing what I've set my mind to, is myself. 

I am complex, in the simplest form.

I like to think that I am light in a dark dark world. 

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