What I want...

I want to be a rock, but I flow like a summer breeze.

I want to be loyal, but sometimes I need something new.

I want to tell the truth, but I know the truth hurts.

I want to love whomever I want, but I am fearful of being judged.

I want to be straight, but I also want to accept myself.

I want to have fun all of the time, but life just handed me some lemons.

I want to stop feeling useless, but its my word against my parents.

I want to stay happy, but sometimes I just need to cry.

I want to live in the present, but everyone is pushing for the future.

I want to kiss my bestfriend, but I'm not sure he likes me back.

I want to hate myself, but I know that its not good for me.

I want to stay lost, but I also want to be found.

I want to be someone else, 

I don't want to be me,

but I'm all 

I have 


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