I Am Damaria


United States
32° 42' 24.0084" N, 96° 50' 25.656" W

I am a cheerleader on the sidelines cheering on her beloved Red Devils. 

I am an outcast who lives in her room with her music on, and her world off. 

I am an idiot who bursts out laughing about something that happened yesterday. 

I am a girl who sings in the shower and talks out loud like someone is listening. 

I am a social butterfly with a ton of online friends and a handful of real life friends. 

I am a daydreamer who lives deep inside her head, oblivious to life's realities. 

I am a Sagittarius with passion in my veins, and fire in my soul. 

I am a fool who is head over heels for a boy who barely knows I exist. 

I am a lost soul who is stuck in between knowing whether to believe, or not to believe. 

I am a modern day hipster who chooses Samsung over iPhone because fuck mainstream. 

I am an emotionless freak who cries when no one is looking because crying shows weakness. 

I am a night owl who comes alive when the rest of the world is sleeping. 

I am a writer who writes what she feels and creates her own happily ever afters. 

I am a best friend who will get on your last nerves, only because I love you. 

I am a sailor with a vocabulary as colorful as the Irish rainbow. 

I am a tool that has been used over and over again by douchebags that never deserved my love and affection. 

I am a perverted teenager who can turn just about anything into the foulest joke. 

I am The Queen of Sarcasm who makes you feel as though you are as dumb as a post. 

I am creep who stalks your social media at least three times a day. (not really)

I am an African American who is beautiful inside and out. 

I am a bum who sits on my ass all day and complains about how shitty my life is. 

I am an honor student who works hard for the grades I earn. 

I am a flirt who is easy on the eyes and lovely by nature. 

I am a loser who really wants to win that $1,000 so please please please choose me.


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