I am a child...

I am a child…

I am a child from a father’s belt and a mother’s discipline.

I am a child still receiving parents’ benevolent love.

I am a child that seeks answers in questions.

I am a child that morale was revived form blood, sweat, determination, and tears.

I am a child that faced darkness.

I am a child that faced sin.

I am a child remaining triumphant of the dead corpse I use to be, plucked by crows’ beaks.

I am a child retaining hate that it may not consume what I love.

I am a child prospering with love in order to defend.

I am a child lost in truth and reality, knowing little of what's true but much of what’s false.

I am a child found by Jehovah’s grace.

I am a child seeking knowledge, to fortify others from threats.

I am a child robust with inquisition.  

I am a child that is still a child, because I still know nothing.

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