I Am...

Some may think they are defined by their outer appearance, Some may think they are defined through their words and their lyrics, Some may think they are defined by societies vision, Some even think they are defined by the situation they're living in, Those things don't define me, That's just what the eyes see, That's just what has been taught, Thats's just how the mind thinks, Definition can't be taught, replicated or passed-down, Definition is original and there's only one copy, But what may define me, If that's even an option, Let's start with (D)etermination,  All those long, sleepless nights, Cold, hungry, and dark,  Reality set in, To reach your dreams you must start, That is just what I did, And ever since then, Every time i look into a mirror i see where I have been, How far I have come, How many hurdles I've jumped, How many times I've been splashed, Pushed down in the grass, But there's a funny thing about determination, it lasts, (E)agerness to live,  To exhale oppression, and inhale life, Just because you're breathing doesn't mean you're alive, Many have come before me,  And without ever living, Many have died, Many have fears but only few will admit them Some spiders, dying or having children, My only fear is (F)ailure, Success is an awesome feeling, To fail feels like you're running a race that's never ending, Only bumps along the way,  And the rocky road ahead, Failure can spark a fire inside or make you wish that you were dead, (I) is for me, I am and always will be, Brutal army of one, A unique and clever leader, That's known to be (N)octurnal, A sort of phantom of the night, The sun goes down,  His mind comes to life, Idea after idea he can't contain them inside, He thrives off of darkness, He hides from the light, He knows the sun is rising, But he fears it's too bright, Everything in life, has its time, has its season, Everything must (E)nd, though we don't always know the reason, I thought that I could (D)(E)(F)(I)(N)(E) myself, I guess that I was wrong, You can find me in the dictionary, I am UNDEFINABLE...     

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