If I was any word in the dictionary, I would be the word fusion.

I am the combining of two or more things into a single entity.

I am from push and pull, from yin and yang.            

I am the combination of black and white. From separate blood lines that have been forced together into one person that has to hold the weight of both.

My existence is not a common one and I am far from stable, but I am together. I am held by an idea of peace in a world at war.

I am from two different families. I am a growth of understanding—separate opinions, and the formation of my own. I am from a single mindset that travels all possible paths, and crosses all roads.

I am not one person. I am not two people. I am an experience.

I am from bitter racism from a different age, and ingrown stereotypes that make me a target of other’s aggression and fears.

I am from burning fury and cool patience—the connection of people.

I am climbing through the world, but the top gets higher with every endeavor. I have hatred in my heart, and love on my mind. I am from a constant battle that I never chose to join.

There is a target on my back and a laser sight on my forehead. I am eternally cursed, and I am at fault for everything I do.

I am my own savior. When I fall, I have to pick myself up. I am from an equilibrium of separate personalities and the embrace of my own arms. I am from suicidal moments and a recovery that could shake the fabric of existence.

I am from self-confidence and reassurance. I am the sword and the shield of my own protection, and the protection of others.

I am from an unscripted end. I am blessed to say that I exist, and I am glad to be here.

I am the collision—powerful and potent.

I am a fusion.  

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