The Great Escape


United States

   She's an introvert to the public,

but the personality sealed inside her

is echoed to those she knows best.

    She gains her knowledge from others

faults, and is influential to the ones who live

in the generations that follow hers'.

    Her memory is that of a goldfish,

she thinks outside the bowl, but her colors

are always inside the lines.

    These things I've told you about her

haven't always been prominent. She wasn't

always this exuberant or independent.

Someone hurt her, someone whose heart

wasn't as kind as her's.

    She had a heart like ice cream. Sweet 

and melty in one's mouth. But this person left

her heart out too long and it became soup.

    Her mind caution tapped her heart, to

remind her of what happens when one does

not use their voice to stick up for themselves,

to say no, to say goodbye.

    She's a stronger being, with a smarter

mind. She removed the caution tape

from her heart and it is more open than

ever before.

     She thinks about many things, people,

and ideas. She discovered this voice inside

her and even this surprises her sometimes.

    She's found out more about herself

than anyone ever could. She has trouble with

trusting in others; her independence is what 

keeps her standing strong.

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