Accolades and Aspirations

Daughter of the King and Bama-born beloveds

Hailing from the province of prestigious peaches and ravishing red clay

I am brave I am bold, by choice

A Lucille in a world of Marilyns

A persistent partaker of percolating potation

Sun dots and hysterical hiccups brand my existence

Thirsting for knowledge, my efforts espied extravagant

Yet mediocre in my own mentality

Rest I will not, till I attain the title of mammalian mender

With intentions of nonconformity, I press towards my mark,

The mark of a specific decimal and letters that capitalize the alphabet

The mark of a “well done My good and faithful servant” concluding my career

Not snagging on subordinate stone or limb to spoil the sweet savor of subjugation

A shadow of the Cross

An artist of a melodic medium

I am an impassioned individual containing colossal capabilities

Years from now, people will look back, seeing I have climbed above and beyond the summit of success

I will achieve and I will prosper.

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