A field surrounded by hundreds of flowers

Lilies, tulips, sunflowers

Beautiful, vivid colors

A single flower stands out

Red, bright and bold

Different, unique, unlike the rest

A man, Dressed in white,

comes upon the field, amazed by the flowers

his eyes glance upon the single red flower

shocked by its unusual shade of red and 

it being unlike the rest of the flowers

the man comes close to the flower, examines its beauty

hypothized by its bold color, the man in white plucks the flower

the man stands, raises the flower to sun, 

The flower is so red, it can almost be compared to blood,

the man smiles at the little, and turns to leave the field

as the man leaves the field, the man did not notice a bright red spot on his white shirt.

the rest of the flowers turn to the spot left by

the red flower. If one to look close, they would see a hole where a flower was,

but if one looked even closer, one could see what the red flower had left behind

a single seed, surrounded by a black weed and a single drop of Crimson, fresh blood.

This poem is about: 



"Do not judge A book based on its cover"

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