I Am [Insert Here]

I am clay to be molded by other people's fingers.

I am a sponge to soak up the personalities of my friends.

I am a man to wear many masks.

I am a volcano to erupt at the slightest push against my back.

I am a god to look over my creations, and carefully pushing them toward their destinies.

I am a frown to turn up into a smile the moment someone looks to me.

I am not a singular entity to hold my own shadow over others

But instead I am a multitude of things

To be held in the hands of those that reach out.

I do not know what I am exactly

Am I a king, holding my head above everyone else?

Am I a servant, bowing to others' wills and doing as I am told?

Am I a leader, showing others where to go to lead them toward the light?

Am I a follower, allowing others to tell me what is best and how to perform?

I am many things, this I have found to be true

And I do not mind this.

Because no person is one thing

And no person can be fit into one box.

We are all many things, including myself

Because we can be whatever we want to be.


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