I Am...Scholarship Slam (Asian Essence)

I am more than teachings of self hate. 

With skin bleaching of our olive skin-I don't agree. 

With any curvaceousness to you-I do not wrap. 

I do not follow teachings of self hate. 

I am more than a housewife. I am a student pursing dreams and goals outside of the home. 

You'll never make it they say. But, I am driven. 

Because they gave me an American name-no one knows who I am because I am now married. 

I am now not Vongchanne. I am Hardy. I am proud. 

I am more than confining to what is considered the norm for Asian Americans. 

I am still cultured. I am still olive skin with curves. I am pursing more than the Asian American Dream. 

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1st poem

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