I am

There are things I am

and things that I am not

There are things I’ve learned

And things I’ve been taught

I am not a stranger’s opinion of me

I am not my SAT score

I am not a basketball player

I am not my moves on the dance floor

Because I am more than that

I know these don’t define me

I am more than that

I have many different qualities

I am a social butterfly

I am an Arizona resident

I am a human being

I am Senior Class President

I am a son

I am a brother

I am loved

By my father and my mother

I have insecurities

I have flaws

I’m just like every human being

But I overcame them all

Battles that were tough to fight

The same one everyday

Some days harder than others

And some were okay

I learned to love

Especially myself

Instead of hiding away in darkness

On the top of a shelf

I have grown

Into a 5 foot 8 inch shell

I have learned many lessons

That I remember all too well

I’ve learn to not care

What other people say

I’m proud of myself

Cause I am gay

This poem is about: 
My family


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