I Am Me.

I've always had people guiding me but,

they've never been me.

Knowing myself has done something,

it has set me free.

I have seen the good sides of my personality,

the mean, and confused sides too.

But that's what makes me who I am,

just like what makes you, you.

I'm "head strong and independent" is what some people

would say,

I just say "I'm me" much to their dismay.

I say what I am thinking and give "too much attitude",

people say I'm funny but others say I'm rude.

I love to laugh and smile,

I love to be around my friends, but only for a while.

Fun and games are great for an hour,

but it's from my education that blossoms my true power.

"He's intelligent and will go far" is what my family roars,

"His brain will get him far and open many doors."

So that's what I want to do,

I want to make my family proud;

can you help me make my dreams come true?


This poem is about: 
My family


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