Word of My Life

“Word of My Life”

Created by accident, incident, unintended

But born to a lone mother whose love never ended

She taught me well, she taught me young

A knowledge of words and a mastery of written tongue

Happiness was the word of my life

Taken by family, kidnapped, betrayed

Torn form a mother and stepfather so pained

Though I was returned home this wound was still bleeding

Molding an anxious personality with optimism receding

Trauma was the word of my life

A household divided, unhappy, turbulent

I questioned whether or not it was worth it

So many fights between a husband and wife

How could I learn to love somebody like this, in this life?

Doubt was the word of my life

I need an outlet, escape, refuge

My brain felt like it was in a centrifuge

I scribbled out every emotion in dozens of notebooks

I looked inward because outside had a bleak outlook

Isolation was the word of my life

Growing in spirit, body, and heart

New relationships to mend and tear apart

The writing I did became a goal, a career

I set out to write a novel and did so in three years

Pride was the word of my life

A legal adult, responsible, striving

The future is bright and I am thriving

Fears still plague me, as they do us all

But I will not back down, I shall answer life’s call

Happiness is the word of my life. 

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