Don't tell me who I

Don't tell me who I am

Don't define me using labels

Let me be who I am

Without labels

Without titles

Just me


I have three mothers

two sisters

and a brother.

I don't know my dad

but I would love to.

But the question is:

Does he want to meet me?

This question has weighed me down for 17 years

I can't take it anymore

What if he says "yes"?

What if he says "no"?

When I am 18 I'll know.


When I am 18 I will call the sperm bank

and find out if my father wants to say "hello"

Dad, please talk to me

You might like me

But even if you turn me down

I am strong.

I am stronger than you think

I am stronger than I think.

My dad does not define me.

I define me.

I am me.


I am happy and full of life

I am easily excited and I love giving hugs

I've been to 53 concerts and I have 12 more.

I don't like confrontation and I am scared of public speaking

I like to keep quiet

but I can also be outgoing

I like to conduct experiments

I like to be me.


Don't define me

Don't give me labels

Don't tell me who I am

I am not yours

I am not a test tube baby

I am Katie


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