It is I, The one, the only .

 The blood of royalty, the heart of dirt

The mind of matter and the soul of the earth.

 I dont determine my life or who I am

But  the world and its categorical sections which leave my kind in depression

Although it is a blessing to be in my shoes. I sometimes still wonder, who am I?

Yes I know my name ,my date of birth

I know where I live, my fortune and what its worth but who am I?

I am Anchronistic, this i know

A lost soul in the wrong error, My life now filled with terror. I WANT TO GO HOME!

I fear nothing, as the strong angel Michael

yet I am afraid of the humility that life brings.

You ask me Who am I, well I have yet to figure that out but ill tell you

I am the guy you heard about, the guy thats fully flawed

and yet while still in shackles I am the son of God.


This poem is about: 
My family
Our world
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