As Paper

Wed, 11/04/2015 - 11:08 -- JTG997


By: Jacob Green

I am like paper as life is like an amateur expressionist free handed painter

If I am like paper I may not write but I sure can read

  If there is error fetch an eraser for corrections may not be made later

If life is short then it will be short so I need not speed

Let me be a letter that addresses

A message to me

Write on me use me to tell stories

Let me read of strange creatures and great lands

Incredible discoveries

Miraculous recoveries

Inventive ideas and heartfelt feeling

Pour humanity’s paint for I am the canvas that is revealing

A love a loss

All of man’s expense with the cost

Give me what has happened

And I can give you the arms to revolutionize

Now this may sound convoluted but what you haven’t yet realized

Im just a student

But if I don’t learn to break out the binding of my text and learn what transcends the definition

If I don’t expand my knowledge to earth and heaven

I can never even dream to look down at a sky scraper

If I believe the sky’s the limit then I’m just a blank piece of paper


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