A Numbers Person

I am a numbers person.

I am whole numbers,

sometimes only fractions

or percentages,

and not always rational.

Sometimes I hold the power of ten

angry bulls,

maybe that’s why I am a Taurus.

I can be negative,

definitely a little odd,

but always prime.

You might say that the numbers

that define me are limitless,


because I am

one of 7.3 billion

people on this earth today.

I am one of three,


I am .05% of those diagnosed

with Malignant Melanoma

to be under the age of twenty-five.

I am a number on the scale,


The same number that has haunted me

since I was eleven.

I am a one in thirteen,

your queen in a deck of cards,

something all of my ex boyfriends

can attest to.

I am a 4.3 GPA,

ranked 7

among the 475 students

of my graduating class.


I am a numbers person,

but I am much more than a statistic.

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