I am .

I am soicety's reject.

I am my school's worst enemy.

I am the student teachers despise.

I am the "troubled one"


I am who they tell other' s not to look up too.

I am the child that grew up to quickly.

I am an orphan, abandoned by not one but both my parents.

I am on my own.


I am my own thougts, my own person.

I am the student whom is often in trouble for fighting back.

I am unafraid of soicety's judgements.


I am not phsically attractive.

I am soically awkward .

I am isolated.

I am lonesome

I am, and always have been, the bullied.

I am the product of society's rejection

Despite society's rejection,

I am an honor student.

I am my intelligence.

I am on my way to college.

I am my own bestfriend.


I am rebel, prepared to fight for the under-privledged.

I am a survior, ready to speak out agaisnt soictey.

I am everything society wishes i wasn't ,  and everyhing socitey says i shouldn't be.

I am the orphaned, intelligent, rebellious student, who's school directors wish to hold back.

But I will never allow that to happen,

Because I am my own person.

I am the key to my own happiness.




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My community
Our world
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