fighting the girl within

Wanting to belong. Wanting to fit in. Wanting to tell my story , trying to figure out the girl within. I smile and I laugh its a mask ive learned to fit. Who am I with no filter I think of myself as nothing but a pretend. the filters they protect me the girl who's just a mess. they hide my scars. they hide my tears. they hide the suffer and the pain. they make me be who I wanna be whne im not running away from myself again. who am i thats' one thing they wont define. which is why im caught up in all these filtered lies. you were there whne no one else was. you allowed me to change my appearance just by putting on a facade. for the girl yt undiscovered. i have no control over my life. my actions or what i do heck sometimes my words are being controlled by soemone else to. so i allow you to take over to create my life for me . while keeping inside that all your filters seem to hide the real me. when i wanna be picture perfect i'll smile a little more. when i wanna be picture perfect i'll glow and that's for sure.when i want ot be piture perfect i'll let you choose when. and may you ask why because these are the things that keep me fighting the girl i am inside. who am i underneath these filtered lies a beautiful tragic mess. i keep quiet when they shout but, am i making the right decisions by lettign certaint hings choose my route. im alone already in life. yet, i still continue to let others budge in. even if there not fully aware of what's going on. i have to figure out who i am before 17 becomes to late. sooner or later my words will becomes ones for old time sake. my life in none other than a cage to me with these filtered mistakes.

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