The Ugly Truth

It was a sunny day,

when she told me the ugly truth, 

she said she was done,

she didn't love me no more, 

and if I'm being honest I never did.


She told me it was raining,

I didn't believe her,

because no disrespect,

but I just can't stop thinking of the next girl.


Clear sky all the way,

as the tears rutted her cheeks,

she called me a jerk, 

and she called me insensitive,

and then she called me a cab.


She said the clouds would be black that night,

but I still couldn't see what she meant,

cause the ugly truth was her,

and sorry when I say,

that to this very day,

I look back on the surprise in her eyes,

when she saw her sister get in the cab with me.


Once more she was the real ugly truth,

my oh my,

but her sister made me better,

let me forget all about her,

but sometimes I feel I need her back,

but frankly I think I'd be better off dead.

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