I Am........ Scholarship Slam

Dear former self,

I love you and I appreciate you

Yes you were young, naiive, and very insecure

You did not have to compare yourself to other girls

For all the times you didn’t believe the good others saw in you

I really wish you did

And when your mom scared you so bad that you couldn’t sleep for 6 months

Couldn’t have the television off at night too, you get over that

I’m 17 now and a senior in high school

With 6 months free from self-negativity

Sometimes I want to creep back into old habits

But the new me loves myself and you strong enough to not let myself do so

I still don’t know who I am and I think that’s okay

I also haven't written a poem since 9th grade

But I know I’m Sherrica and that is definitely so much more than okay

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