What is in a Name?

Sound, syllables

define each person

What is in a name

Does a rose smell the same

If called by any other.


For 3 syllables have been my calling card

my identifying tag, my name.

But what if I am more than a name,

a color, a gender.

I am the girl who laughs at corny jokes,

and makes them too.

I who support the f-word, Feminism

even if it drives everyone away.

While they whisper “crazy, stupid”

I am the woman who stands strong,

does not break because you can’t.


The words, optimistic, brown-haired,tall, excitable, and courageous

these all describe me.

More than a name, stereotype, a gender

define who I am.

For a rose by any other name would

smell just as sweet.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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