Illusion & Reality

Wed, 10/28/2015 - 13:29 -- rolstad

Define yourself.

I would leave a blank space, because honestly I do not know how to define myself.

Ex-gymnast, ex-swimmer, dancer, student, athlete, musician, freckles, shy.        

              This is how I would describe myself. But define me, I am left with a blank.

Twenty years old, junior in college, living on my own and I cannot define myself. I want to meet someone who can. Without taking more than ten seconds to think about it, be able to define themselves.

Not just rattle off some description, or beliefs that they have but truly define themselves. Could you do it?

I learn new things about myself everyday, and I make some of the same mistakes too, because I like to think I can change but I end finding myself doing what I have already done, knowing the same consequences. Knowing I have a test next week and that I should start studying, but instead watching just ONE more episode on Netflix, staying out really late when I know I have work early the next morning. 

Defining myself. Making the not so smart decision to enjoy the adventure for just a little while longer before coming back to reality. Coming back to working hard to achieve my goals, but are my goals out of the reality. Wanting to become a veterinarian who owns her own clinic in Colorado for small and large animals and goes to Africa in the summer to try to find a way to help the endangered animals. Is that too big of a dream to become reality? 

No dream is too big, I always heard that, but maybe some dreams are too unrealistic for this world to achieve. 

Defining myself: a girl who wants her dreams to become reality. 


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