I Am More Than This

I am a misunderstood individual

I am a human with many flaws

I am a person with good intentions

I am an American, teenage girl

I am nothing more and nothing less of the average female 

who is never expected to handle challenges

I am your typical "BLACK" girl

I am told I can't do this and I will never do that

but as far as I am concerned, I am unstoppable

I am envied 

I am despised

I am hated due to my accomplishments

but being knocked down helps build me up 

I am "ugly"

I am "too skinny"

I am "too short" and my forehead is huge

but i see all of these insults as compliments

call me dulsional, but I am beautiful.

I am who I am 

and who I am is Lauren Kerseea Collins

I am your future orthodontist

I am nothing like the next girl

I am determined to follow my African American Leaders 

for I am NOT your stereotyped Black girl

I can do whatever I set my mind to and I can be who I want to be

No one will ever tell me different .

I am me and that's all that I can be !

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