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Core - noun;

The central part of a fleshy fruit, containing the seeds.

The central, innermost, or most essential part of anything.


Of central importance; basic; fundamental:

the core values of our organization.

Noting or relating to the muscles of the torso.

corey exercises for back pain. 


Correlate - noun;

Either of two related things, especially when one implies the other.


Mutually or reciprocally related.


To have a mutual or reciprocal relation; stand in correlation:

the two tests correlate to a high degree.


Corey - individual;

A forgiving, young, and intelligent individual:

Corey is a young nursing student trying to find his way in the world.

Strong when needed, weak when broke:

Corey wishes to pursue a career in children's cancer, to help the little people.

Wanting to be, but never the core:

Corey tries to remain from the center of attention

Always correlating, usually correct:

Corey is always putting 2 and 2 together when he's in the hospital.



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