Stronger gain

I was brought up,

taken around,

these people showed me how it goes down,

started from the bottom of the vine,

on my way I'm on my way,

i couldn't see it any better, 

Come out the dirty neighborhood to waking up to sunshine and blue skies,

from the 312 to the 407,

if having the baddest girl was a crime I'd be arrested,

crazy how y'all see it,

i vizualize it with mind useful as a weapon and I'm ready to pull it quick,

Son of the King of Nazareth, 

when you with him at the top you really don't worry,

but lately there's been so much on my mental, 

blood sweat and tears, 

run down my flesh,

society itches,

the comments under my skin,

concerned about me and my estate,

stay in your lane and keep your place,

only one seat in this lane and I won't escape,

let me enter with a prayer and make you quit, 

who's to judge a black man when the high of my educations hit,

you get no gain from it




This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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