I am the black girl

Wed, 09/30/2015 - 17:58 -- Db5945

I am the black girl.

I wonder why people aren't confident in their skin.

I hear "you're ugly and you're fat."

I see tears and broke hearts.

I want for people to feel wanted.

I am the black girl.

I pretend that life is a pot of happiness.

I feel as if at times I'm alone.

I touch the souls of a slave.

I wonder if I'm too dark.

I cry watching the happy white family.

I am the black girl.

I understand what's written in the history books. 

I say believe in yourself or no body else will.

I dream to be known as an achiever.

I try to uplift all females.

I hope everyone self esteem uprises.

I am the black girl. 


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Love it,you an amazing writer

#Black Girls Rock


Thank you. I really appreciate it!


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