Wed, 09/23/2015 - 09:25 -- babs22

Who I am?

I'd rather begin

with the obverse


A fixed and rooted entity

comfortable and knowing

of myself and things around me

secure in my geography


If this sounds like self-deprecation

that is not

my intention

but rather an acknowledgement

of my self's position


A kaleidoscope, I feel

is an accurate description


If you sense my apprehension,

you are not mistaken

for who I am

is integral to

my interpretation


At this moment-

is it global?

or is it singular

in location?


I am scrumptious and I am charming

with proper calibration

I am light and effervescent

with due manipulation

I'm stagnant, sharp, stubborn

when left in isolation


I am a reflection of my viewer-

a product of their influence


with or without their two cents


I am my glass and pebbles

but withstanding their limitations

they possess infinite arrangements


To where they display their facet

of understanding and spirited discretion

of comfort in their illusions

and trust in derivation


I am dynamic and

I am discursive

it is true that I don't know


But I can say- without hesitation

I know

that I don't.

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