Wild Spirit

I live attracted to the wild side.

My mentality prevails a curse, not to mention my heart is worse.

I was once a youthful spirit looking for friendships and smiles.

I lost my reputation; my youth is gone, but it’s my glory that empowers me to carry on. Wandering the streets with a face full of fury I cuss and I curse at anyone who get’s in my way.

I am drawn to the wild side, and forever wild I shall stay. No matter the people or the places I meet I belong to myself. I will never know defeat.

I met souls like mine, I am divine.

I was awaken and from my darkness I rise.

Under the sunset I thank the heavenly skies. I am renewed.

My wild soul was filled with compassion; glory still lives in me, but I will share it with you.

As I walk down the road on a gloomy day I remember my wild side, and the demons I slayed.

I am a young soul with a heart that will fight for you.

I am a young soul with a mind that will care for you.

My face is stern, but my words are gentle.

Remember me as a reincarnated soul. Equivalent to a phoenix arisen,

my ashes have departed.

I am alive.


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