To each his own

To each his own they say,

Something I think often through out the day,

In a diverse world with diverse beings,

Constant change is what I'm seeing,

It is such change that has come to mold me.

Never really wanting to be a part of  "we",

I have placed my hand in fiery embers,

Become accustom to the way it burns, 

Learn the dance of the fall and rise, 

All the mistakes from which one learns, 

To me this certainly applies- giving up would lead to my demise, 

Even though I reprimand myself for past ghosts,

To my carrying on I would raise a toast.

Having known a Trigon of a father, and a self-martyr for a mother, 

Has shown me the darkness of man, helping me to ban, 

The ways of bitterness and hate, growing to know self love is so great,

Also to see that beauty is not defined by body weight.

A state of peace is always the goal, to feel it deep in within my soul,

Would be immaculate to know, but to see the world as a whole, 

Could such peace even be possible?

Seeing the mass genocide of innocent animals is horrible, 

But to meat-eaters being vegan isn't an option that is optional, 

But still I shout veganism is the future!

It's simple lets eliminate the torture.

its ethical, it's moral, its environmental. 

But then hearing about soldier suicide rate makes me mental,

Government greed and threatening use of force, 

And all for what? Money of course. 

I beg my friends and loved ones don't go, 

But to me they simply say no- I must fight for my country, my people, my rights, 

Seeing nothing but their death in my sights, lastly they leave on the next flight.

For reasons that should be clear, I want to see change near. 

this is how the world has changed me, it was unexpected which you can planly see,

till I am nothing but bone, I say to each his own.  






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