When I Grow Up

I am a cowboy

We learned about them in school

They all ride on their ponies

I think that's really cool


Well, I am a princess

In a dress that's long and flowing

I rule a kingdom in the forest

With magic bright and glowing


I am a racecar driver

Because cowboys are really old

I'll speed by the rest

And place to get the gold


I am an actress

I'll play many parts

Like the ones on TV

I'll top all the charts


I am a mountain biker

On twists and turns real tight

With that I'll make a living

I'm sure I'll be alright


I am a teacher

By now I know a lot

Me in school it'll be fun

I think I'll give it a shot


I am uncertain

Of what I think I'll be

There's so many possibilities

I don't know what's the key


I am worried

With college now approaching

Thought my career would come to me

At least that's what I'm hoping


I am just fine

My parents got me going

I found out who I am

I'm not somone boring


I am excited

With school about to commence

My interests were found

Now it all makes sense


I was nervous

About what I was to be

When the answer was all along

Right inside of me

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Our world
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